Company Background

People in Vial Technology Limited (“VIAL”) have over 10 years experience in the industry.
Experiences on advanced Central Control System, Automation Solutions, Educational Solutions, AV and multimedia products and
solutions. Our company is dedicated to develop the market including local and overseas project by offering tailored solutions to meet
customer’s needs.

Our Mission:
Provide suitable and efficient Integrated Control Solution in order to achieve “Energy Saving” in our daily life.
Our Vision:
Enlighten people to protect our environment by using “Energy Saving Control Solutions”.
VIAL as a “Conscience Enterprise”, we care:
– Accessibility;
– Comfortable;
– Convenience;
– Energy Saving / Environmental Friendly;
– Safety;
– Stabiliey.

VIAL engages in a great variety of businesses, ranging from providing tailor-made solutions of Home/Office Automation to both
residential and commercial markets, structure cabling systems, project management, system commissioning, reselling AV
products, lighting control system, to installation of mechanical & electronic devices, contractual maintenance service etc.

On the other hand, VIAL also has flying colours in mechanical engineering works. A motorized robotic arm waving in an exhibition,
a 1.5m width motorized model jetplane flying through the sky, a zigzag folding gate acted as a curtain raiser gently lifting up the
first chapter of a play at a performance stage, etc. By leveraging a pushrod mechanism with suitable motors, incorporates with
unlimited imagination and creativity, VIAL always assures you a sophisticated & unprecedented solution.

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Brand distribution
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